Hi! I'm Ashley.


Somebody once told me: "Don't make your passion your career. Make it your hobby so you don't end up hating it."

I'm so glad I ignored that advice.

Since high school, I've been that friend of yours who snaps a photo when you're standing in pretty light and gazing off somewhere. I've shot senior portraits, band photos, dog photos, product photos, fashion editorial photos, studio portraiture... I never say no to a photographic challenge. As a result, I've learned to see the world in photographs, and it's everything to me.

In 2009 I finished by BFA in fine art photography at the University of Colorado Denver, where I had spent college developing a deep passion for film photography and art history. I studied Alternative historical photographic processes for a summer in Italy, and tromped around Florence with a heavy old wooden 4x5 monorail camera. I can think of nothing better in the entire world, and I came back even more committed to spending a little extra time and money to make sure that I was progressing in my skill in the right way for me: by studying and respecting the historical progression of the medium. This is why, along with my trusty Canon DSLR, you're likely to see me around Portland shooting any number of 20-70 year old film and Polaroid cameras. 90% of the time, I feel more fulfilled by a photograph if I know that I own the negative.

Other hobbies include estate sale shopping, amateur botany, and scooping up cats I meet on the street and making them purr.


Let's Connect!


Instagram// @ashleyjenningsphoto

Facebook // www.facebook.com/ashleyjenningsphotography


What about weddings?


I shot my first wedding in 2006, and loved everything about it. I feel so privileged that I get to be there with the couple on what is quite probably the most important day ever for them, watching and capturing the few seconds that they'll think of their entire lives. I love that I still sometimes tear up during the father daughter dance, and that sometimes I catch myself walking through the reception grinning because I'm having so much fun. I love the friendship I always end up making with the flower girls, and cracking jokes with the groomsmen. I love watching your big Jewish Russian family teach your husband's quiet Texan family how to dance the Hora. I love when you turn tradition on its head and walk each other down the aisle to punk music. Elopements? Courthouse weddings? Yes. Traditional or not, religious or not, as long as you're having a great time, I'm up for anything. Let's do it.

I'm proud and happy to photograph people in love of all sexual orientations.

Because your wedding will be totally different than every other wedding, I'd like to put together a custom quote for you. You're getting married, for pete's sakes... You deserve a custom quote. Most couples choose to invest $1700-$2700 in their wedding packages. My goal is to provide every couple with a completely personalized experience and beautiful photographs.

I would love to talk more about personalized pricing and payment plans, discounted travel expenses (ask me!), and all the little details you've been tossing around in your mind. (Maybe you'd like me to shoot a couple packs of Polaroid film?) It's one of the biggest days of your life, and my belief is that your photographer should make things easier and happier, not more stressful.

For access to a much more extensive portfolio, please shoot me an email at ajenningsphoto@aol.com, and I will send you a link. While you're at it, let's set up a time to get coffee or happy hour drinks and talk about your wedding!

Can't wait to meet you.