Meaghan & Conner: 8/31/15

Part of what's fun about living in the PNW are all the amazing, progressive couples I get to work with. Meaghan and Conner did a great job of making their wedding day perfectly theirs: they hired a vegan caterer, took each other's last names, and even walked each other down the aisle. What a neat way to show support for each other, and to demonstrate the equality they value as a couple!

Meaghan had not one, but TWO perfect wedding dresses, and looked totally stunning. Every detail of their DIY wedding was perfectly suited to their cool venue: The Troutdale House is an old train station with lots of vintage charm. We finished the day on the train tracks with some unbelievable sunset light, and it was so fun just to feel a part of their close-knit friend group.

Thanks to Dave Franz for second shooting with me on this one!

Thanks for everything, you two. Let me know if you ever wanna just do this whole day again. <3