Ryan & Courtney: 9/20/15

Wow, wow wow. What a weekend.

Colorado, with its vibrant color and impossibly blue sky and perfect dusky sunsets. Every color of rose, and emerald green grass, and these two, who light up the room when they look at each other.

It's lovely to spend a wedding day with those who are so in love. I shoot a lot of weddings, and believe me, I can tell which couples just couldn't live without each other... Ryan and Courtney are utterly smitten with each other. Their sweet vows to each other made every eye in the house, including mine, teary... and their perfect daughter, a spitting image of both of them, ran up to interrupt their first dance to present them with paper heart. You couldn't have planned a sweeter moment.

Thanks for bringing me home for a weekend, you guys. I know you'll remember this day fondly, forever.